Where can I find the manual for the standard class article of LaTex?

I have been looking for THE manual for using class ‘article‘ in LaTex.
The official CTAN package site points to some documentation which actually is ‘an introduction to writing classes and packages for LATEX’; it does not cover how to use the article package.

I need to, for instance, check what is the command for inserting affiliations, or to place in-text references, among other typical tasks you will do while preparing a scientific paper. I would like to have the official way to do that at hand. Looking in Google for those commands returns disparate solutions relying on additional packages. And that is something I must avoid because of editorial regulations.

Can you please provide the link to a standard manual?

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Type texdoc article in a terminal.

It looks like the journal you’re contemplating submitting your paper to requires you to use the article class but doesn’t provide any real guidelines regarding the layout of the title and author blocks. I would therefore go with a minimalist layout. For instance,

enter image description here

\setlength\textheight{2.35in} %% just for this example
\title{Some interesting findings\thanks{%
Our research was not supported by any foundations.}}
\author{First1 Last1\thanks{%
Department of XYZ, University of So-and-So, Nowhere-in-Particular.}
First2 Last2\thanks{%
Department of ABC, College of Been-There-Done-That, Middle-of-Nowhere.}}
\date{September 2014}

A search for “article” on texdoc.net suggests


which seems like the documentation for \documentclass{article}, as well as report and book. This PDF is dated 2014/09/29.