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Modify ToC Backmatter Entry Distance

I created a simple document using memoir class as follows: \documentclass[12pt,a5paper]{memoir} \renewcommand\thepart{\arabic{part}} % modify ToC part \renewcommand{\cftpartaftersnum}{.} \renewcommand{\cftpartfont}{\normalsize\bfseries} \renewcommand{\cftpartpagefont}{\normalsize\bfseries} \setlength{\cftbeforepartskip}{16pt} \setlength{\cftpartnumwidth}{2.5em} % modify ToC chapter \renewcommand{\cftchapteraftersnum}{.} \renewcommand{\cftchapterfont}{\normalsize} \renewcommand{\cftchapterleader}{\cftdotfill{\cftdotsep}} \renewcommand{\cftchapterpagefont}{\normalsize} \setlength{\cftbeforechapterskip}{2pt} \setlength{\cftchapternumwidth}{2.5em} \begin{document} \frontmatter \tableofcontents \mainmatter \part{Part One} \chapter[Chapter Title]{Chapter Title} \chapter[Chapter Title]{Chapter Title} \chapter[Chapter Title]{Chapter Title} \part{Part Two} \chapter[Chapter Title]{Chapter Title} \chapter[Chapter Title]{Chapter Title} \chapter[Chapter […]

TOC and Subfiles: which TOC pkg for unique TOC compilation with each subfile?

The Subfiles package makes compiling individual parts of a LaTex document convenient. The package works so that each subfile inherits the master preamble main.tex and the user is able to compile individual files separately. The package itself has no mention about TOCs for separate parts that are compiled. Independent TOCs with Subfiles pkg must have […]

list of newcounter

I’ve set up a newcounter in a LaTeX document: \newcounter{example}[section] \newenvironment{example}[1][]{\refstepcounter{example}\par\medskip \textbf{Example~\theexample. #1} \rmfamily}{\medskip} so that I can reference them throughout my document: \begin{example}[title] This is the first example. The counter will be reset at each section. \end{example} my question is, how can I generate a list of all my examples? In a similar way […]

Font style for page number for chapter in ToC

The page numbers in the ToC appear in different styles. For sections and subsections in normalsize and for the chapter in bold and slightly larger (I think). How can one change the fontsize/fonttype for the page number of a chapter entry in the ToC? document style: book live-tex LaTeX, from Ubuntu 11.4 pdfTeX 3.1415926-1.40.10-2.2 (TeX […]

How do I remove the chapter number from my Index 'chapter' in the ToC?

A professional indexer has done an index for my book. I have created a new index chapter, pasted and formatted the index into it’s own chapter. When I compile the book the ToC includes the Index with a chapter number e.g. 10 Last Chapter…..400 Bibliography………410 11 Index……………415 I want it to look like this: 10 […]

Remove the bullets in Beamer's table of contents

I use the Madrid theme How can I remove the bullets in page of table-of-contents. I have tried \setbeamertemplate{items}[circle] It can remove the bullets in enumeration environment. But can do with that in table-on-contents

How to place a small table of contents in the footer in ConTeXt?

I would like to place a small table of contents in the footer in ConTeXt, which only shows the sections within the current chapter, but it does not appear. This is what I tried: \setupfootertexts[\setups{text c}][\setups{text c}][\setups{text c}][\setups{text c}] \startsetups[text c] \midaligned{\placecontent[alternative=d, criterium=local]} \stopsetups \starttext \chapter{This is a chapter title} This is some text. \section{This […]

TOC Spacing in Memoir

I am using memoir, and I would like to change the vertical space between entries in my toc. This seems like a simple thing that should have been answered elsewhere, but I can’t find anything that answers this directly.

Token allowed in PDF string in \section but not in a customized (with \addcontentsline) section command

babel‘s frenchb option makes active e.g. ! character by making it automatically preceded by a \thinspace. Such active characters are properly supported in sections by hyperref‘s bookmarks. But, when I try to create my own section command with an \addcontentsline specification, this leads to the well known Package hyperref Warning: Token not allowed in a […]

How to merge several tex files so that they have one table of contents/List of tables & figures

I have three chapters which I combine into a thesis using pdfpages: as shown in this link Merging several papers This gets me 95% of what I need the only thing I still need is a table of contents including all sub-sections for each chapter, and similarly a table listing all the tables and figures […]