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Allowing breaks at a location with no spaces or hyphens

I have two letters: A and B. In most situations, I’d like them to appear together with no space, e.g. (“AB”), however, if TeX feels it needs a linebreak or to split these across two pages, this is allowed. This could appear as: AB Or: A B What can I place between the two letters […]

How to add even vertical spaces after minipages

I would like to add even vertical spaces after minipages in a same page. In other words, vertical spaces between adjacent minipages, the vertical space between the last minipage and the bottom of a page should be the same. Expected page layout: When all minipages can be put into 1 page, the typesetting is expected. […]

Nested itemize environment affects vertical spacing of parent itemize environment

I have two itemize environments, one is nested in the other. Somehow the nested itemize environment affects the vertical spacing of the adjacent item of the parent itemize environment. As you can see in the example below, the vertical space between b and c is slightly smaller than between a and b. If I remove […]

What is the easiest way to see default “spaces” with respect to “ex” and “em” in the book class?

What is the easiest way to see default “spaces” with respect to “ex” and “em” in the book class? I mean by spaces all horizontal and vertical spaces such as: the space before and after the section headings in the text the space between the captions and the text after it the space between the […]

Fix spacing when using \dot{}

If I type $a \sim b$, I get . However, if I type $a \dot{\sim} b$, I get this and the spacing is gone. Is there a way to regain latex’s good spacing mechanism, i.e. add spaces if needed and avoid unnecessary spacing?

Spacing after \vtop

There is insufficient spacing between the lines in the MWE, made using an \hbox filled with two \vtop boxes. \parindent=0pt \newdimen\linewidth \linewidth=4in \newdimen\colsep \colsep=1em \newdimen\colwidth \colwidth=0.5\linewidth \advance\colwidth by -1\colsep \def\twocols#1#2{% \hbox to \linewidth{% \vtop{\hsize=\colwidth \hangindent=1em \hangafter=1 #1\par}\hfill \vtop{\hsize=\colwidth \hangindent=1em \hangafter=1 #2\par}\hss }\par } \twocols {This is a very long line that will run over} {What […]

Boxes of zero height, depth and width unexpectedly affecting document spacing

I was adding some mark up for a roughdraft of a document I’m working on. But when I eliminated the mark up, the spacing and linebreaks came out differ. My intention was to create boxes of zero height, depth, and width that I could insert in various places in my document to help in writing […]

Amsart Title Whitespace Problem

I have found myself now several pages into a maths paper for my university degree, and I am writing it in the less familiar AMSART document class. The document class is very neat and everything works and looks great, but I have a minor issue with the amount of white-space between the bold first-page title […]

A command like `\hspace` calculating the distance from the beginning of the line

I would like to place several blocks of text in one line, but fixing their positions by distances from the beginning of the line. For example (1.2pt from beginning) cat (2.1pt from beginning) dog (2.9pt from beginning) bird \hspace does not work, since it fixes the distances from the end of the last word. Is […]

Vertical space after minipage (EDIT : in an environment)

How to get proper vertical white space on linebreak after a minipage? I.e.: How to fix my \alphabet command below so that the green and red marked spaces (in the figure below) are equal? (Is that \baselineskip?) MWE \documentclass[12pt]{article} \begin{document} \newcommand\alphabet { \noindent \begin{minipage}{5.5cm} \noindent abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz \end{minipage} } \alphabet \alphabet \alphabet \alphabet \alphabet […]