Articles of sectioning

How would you typeset this type of programming documentation?

Consider, for example, this pdf document which defines the standard for the C programming language. The description of the library functions follows a fixed structure composed of three sections, as shown in the picture below: synopsis, description and returns with numbered paragraphs. To reproduce this structure, I would: Define a subsection (or subsubsection) heading with […]

How to import additional code into class file

I was inspired by the article “Fancy chapter headings with TikZ” (Stefan Kottwitz many thx) and I have created the whole fancy sectioning. But what I need to do now is to import this whole code for sections and chapter into my REPORT CLASS because I dont want this code to be in my project. […]

Changing the style of a single section

I’m trying to change the format of a single section in my document. The section is the introduction of my document, and therefore, I don’t want it to be numbered. I tried to define a new command \newcommand{\ssection}[1]{% \section[#1]{\centering\normalfont\scshape #1}} it works, however, I can’t suppress the numbering.

Automatically adding \noindent after \section{*}

I’m using titlesec package and a document class ABNT Class which follows a Brazilian standard for document development. So far I’ve managed to follow the Brazilian Computer Association guidelines for making a scientific article (which is my real objective, for further reuse), however using both the abnt class and the titlesec package breaks document indentation, […]

How do I get my subsection to not appear bold and with no period at the end?

This is what I have for my codes: \section{MAIN RESULTS} \subsection{Graphical Analysis} I am getting this in the pdf: Instead I want the subsection in Italic non-bold form with no period at the end. This is what I have in my preamble: \documentclass[11pt,reqno]{amsart} % Packages \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{amssymb,amsthm} \usepackage{natbib} \bibpunct{(}{)}{;}{;}{,}{,} \usepackage{xr-hyper} \usepackage[ colorlinks=true, citecolor=blue, urlcolor=blue, linkcolor=blue […]

How to add an item symbol before the caption

how to add the blacksquare before the caption in LaTeX? just like the itemize, but at the caption 1. Introduction

How do I remove the chapter number from my Index 'chapter' in the ToC?

A professional indexer has done an index for my book. I have created a new index chapter, pasted and formatted the index into it’s own chapter. When I compile the book the ToC includes the Index with a chapter number e.g. 10 Last Chapter…..400 Bibliography………410 11 Index……………415 I want it to look like this: 10 […]

Make section font all caps

I am using the following code with sectsty to make all sections use small caps: \sectionfont{\sc} However, I want them all typesetted in lowercase, but the following does not work: \sectionfont{\MakeLowercase\sc}

What is the name of the variable containing the current chapter title?

Consider a chapter in a french book defined by: \chapter{Blablabla} It will generate the output: Chapitre I : Blablabla Then, we have the following variables: \chaptername corresponds to Chapitre \thechapter corresponds to I Question: what is the variable containing the chapter title Blablabla?

section format and style

When I write a tutorial for my students, it is always plane and simple by using the predefined section style of the article class. I looked at some other posts and saw that the code below changes the font style of the section to small caps. \documentclass[letterpaper]{article} \usepackage{lipsum} \makeatletter \renewcommand{\section}{\@startsection {section}{1}{0pt}% {-3.5ex plus -1ex minus […]