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Image quality using PDFLaTeX

I’ve got some PNG images within my LaTeX document. The quality of the image files is sufficient and the result using LaTeX and viewing the resulting DVI file is quite what I expect – looks good. But I would need such quality of the images in my PDF files as well. But unfortunately when using […]

Using hyph-utf8 with plain TeX

I want to use the UTF-8 hyphenation patterns (for Croatian) with plain TeX (pdftex). I’ve read the documentation on the hyph-utf8 package but I haven’t found it very useful. There’s mention of a \uselanguage{langname} command but I don’t know where to put it. When I tried putting the command in the text file I’m trying […]

How do I encode foreign characters so that they are searchable in the resultant PDF file?

This may be a PDF problem rather than a LaTeX problem, but as it involves pdfLaTeX output I’m hoping I won’t get my wrist slapped too hard. I’m creating a bibliography, and inevitably some of the authors’ names have accented or other foreign characters in them. I’d like to be able to search the PDF […]

Use case for pdfTeX's \quitvmode

While reading one of Lev’s answers, I encountered a pdfTeX primitive \quitvmode that I have never noticed before. The pdfTeX manual states that this causes TeX to leave (internal) vertical mode and enter horizontal mode—the mode in which TeX is building paragraphs. This is the purpose of the plain TeX and LaTeX macro \leavevmode. The […]

How to use latekmk with feynmf/feynmp?

Background The latexmk tool can be used to automatically process your LaTeX files enough times to generate the output. As discussed here and here, latexmk now supports setting out_dir which passes the -output-directory to pdflatex and places build products in this alternate location. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to use latexmk with feynmp. Question How […]

Chage font to Times New Roman in pdfLatex

This question already has an answer here: How do I make my document use the Times font, both for the text and the math? 6 answers

pdfTeX font expansion error – \SetExpansion in microtype package

I am trying to hammer in some stacked matrix notation to fit the paragraph by shrinking the font. To do so I am using the \SetExpansion option from the microtype package. But pdfTeX is spitting out this error every-time: ! pdfTeX error (font expansion): using fonts with different step of expansion i I have provided […]

“Goto Source” opens pgflibraryfadings.code.tex

Edit: Seems to be a problem with SyncTeX, as TeXworks reacts the same. Edit2: same problem with texlive in Win7. I have a similiar problem as described in TeXstudio Bugreport 1225 but with menukeys-package. consider the following MWE for reconstructing the problem: \documentclass[a4paper]{scrreprt} \usepackage{blindtext} \usepackage{menukeys} \begin{document} \blindtext \keys{CTRL + X} in \directory{File/Save As} \blindtext \end{document} […]

Colorize external pictures using pdflatex

I have several greyscale-pictures that I would like to get colorized within pdflatex (so it will be automatically colorized to a given color, from black-to-white lets say black-to-red). Is there a way to manipulate external graphics in pdflatex directly? If this is not possible what way would you recommend to do this for a hundreds […]

How do I know which ligatures are used in my document?

In order to know which ligatures I might consider disabling, I would like to know which ones are actually used in my document. (Which ligatures are provided by a font is a more general question; I have created a separate question for this: Which ligatures do the fonts used in my document offer?) The following […]