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Bar over/under integral symbol

I try to typeset bar over/under integral symbol with \overline\int,\underline\int But the line looks too long, any solution?

sans serif math in tables and siunitx

I want to know the easiest way to ensure that the content inside a tabular, including siunitx columns is set using a/the sans serif math font. The normal document is set in serif font. This approach shows some of my attempts: \documentclass[paper=a4, fontsize=11pt]{scrartcl} \usepackage{lmodern} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{dcolumn} \usepackage{siunitx} \makeatletter % dcolumn column \newcolumntype{d}[1]{>{\DC@{.}{ ,}{#1}}l<{\DC@end}} % sans […]

Why does this error keep popping up even though I clearly fixed it?

This is the code I have: \begin{align} \vec{l} \cdot \vec{n} & = \left \langle 1,2,3 \right \rangle$ \cdot \left \langle 3,-3,1 \right \rangle \\ & = 3 – 6 + 3 \\ & = 0 \\ \end{align} Now for some reason, I keep getting this message: “Missing } inserted <inserted text> } \end{align}” I clearly […]

What Pascal procedure inserts \mathon and \mathoff?

TeX surrounds inline math formulae with \mathon and \mathoff, which appear to be nodes. For instance, running TeX on $ $\showlists\bye gives ### horizontal mode entered at line 0 \hbox(0.0+0.0)x20.0 \mathon \mathoff spacefactor 1000 ### vertical mode entered at line 0 prevdepth ignored Where are those defined or documented? Neither the string mathon nor mathoff […]

Character with wedges over and under

How can I have this character, I need f and U ?

Why do I need another pair of curly braces?

I have an error in this line of LaTeX. \frac{ {{2}\choose{2}} {{1}\choose{1}} } { {1}\choose{1} } The error notes Ambiguous; you need another { and }. I matched up the curly braces, and I don’t think I need one though. What is going on?

Math Formation/Graphical Visualization of a function with many included functions

I hope I can put this the right way: What I want from LaTeX is for example: Example a+b*c= | a=1+2 | b=g*2+3 ||g=2b |||g=3 |c= 4+d ||d=3 and the | should be connected. Like a normal list with tabulator spaces. Or if there is another way to show an equation as some kind of […]

Different fonts in same math environment

I would like to display text like 0^3 1^5 … with the exponents (3 and 5 in the example, can be any number) written in usual math, but the bases (0 and 1) in typewriter font. I tried various combinations of (inline) math, \verb and \texttt, but none looked right. The result should look like […]

Compiling problem

I have had the problem of compiling my document with the following table in it: \begin{table}[!h] \centering\small \caption{Thickness measurements on the two tubes.} \label{tab:Thickness_measurement} \begin{tabular*}{\textwidth}{@{\extracolsep{\fill}}lll} \toprule Tube & Avareage thickness (mm) & Standard deviation (mm) \\ \midrule [89$^\circ$$_2$/12.7$^\circ$$_1$/89$^\circ$$_2$] & 2.08 & 0.034 \\ \midrule [55$^\circ$$_n$] & 0.254 & 0.027 \\ \bottomrule \end{tabular*} \end{table} I’m using […]

Fix spacing when using \dot{}

If I type $a \sim b$, I get . However, if I type $a \dot{\sim} b$, I get this and the spacing is gone. Is there a way to regain latex’s good spacing mechanism, i.e. add spaces if needed and avoid unnecessary spacing?