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Possible incompatibility between tufte-latex classes, footnotes and LuaLaTeX

I think I came across an incompatibility between LuaLaTeX and tufte-handout or tufte-book class. The document should also contain footnotes. Here is a MWE: \documentclass{tufte-handout} % Or tufte-book \usepackage{fontspec} \defaultfontfeatures{Mapping=tex-text} \setmainfont{Lin Libertine O} % Or maybe any other font… \begin{document} Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore […]

LuaLaTeX: german special character ß with `newpxtext`

I use the font Palatino from the package newpxtext in combination with LuaLaTeX. With this package it is not possible to set the german special character ß directly: % Magic comments for TeXstudio % !TeX spellcheck = de_DE % !TeX program = lualatex \documentclass{scrartcl} %\usepackage{fontspec} % Font: Palatino \usepackage{newpxtext} \begin{document} Draußen währt am längsten. Drau\ss […]

show content of token register as a string in the document

I’m trying to implement a command that can execute its argument, but also print it. To that end I’m dumping the argument into a toks register and use LuaTex to put it back with inactive catcodes; as it says in the manual: tex.print(<number> n, <string> s, …) If n is −1, the currently active catcode […]

How to use TeX Gyre Pagella in pdflatex for arXiv

Since arXiv still doesn’t seem to support LuaLaTeX, I need to make my document work with pdfLaTeX instead. The only LuaLaTeX-specific stuff is \usepackage{fontspec} \usepackage{unicode-math} \setmainfont[Ligatures=TeX]{TeX Gyre Pagella} \setmathfont{TeX Gyre Pagella Math} If I want the document to look as close to the one I compile with LuaLaTeX as possible, what do I need to […]

Compilation error with LuaLaTeX

I try to compile this code without success. \documentclass[a4paper,12pt]{article} \usepackage[upright]{fourier} \usepackage[no-math]{fontspec} \usepackage{luacode,luatextra,luaotfload} \begin{document} \begin{luacode*} tex.print(“\\begin{tabular}{c|c}”) tex.print(“x & y \\\\\\hline”) for i=-1,5,1.0 do tex.print(..i “&” ..-i^2 + 5*i – 8 “\\\\\\hline”) end tex.print(“\\end{tabular}”) \end{luacode*} \end{document} The compilation returns the following message : ! LuaTeX error [string “\directlua “]:4: unexpected symbol near ‘..’. \luacode@dbg@exec …code@maybe@printdbg {#1} #1 […]

How can one get a list of the available functions in Lua(La)TeX

Is there a list or method to determine a list of the lua functions available/installed? Sofar I could only find the lua source files. Maybe I should write something that search through all the installed lua files for lines starting with “function”. Then I will have a list, but it would still not give me […]

Ligatures in Philokalia font

At CTAN there is a package called philokalia. I am trying to use OTF font from it in LuaLaTeX, but I cannot get the ligatures. M(n)WE: \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage{fontspec} \usepackage{philokalia} \begin{document} \fontencoding{EU1} \fontfamily{plk} \selectfont Εἰς πολλά ἔτη, Δέσποτα! \setmainfont[Ligatures=TeX]{Philokalia} Εἰς πολλά ἔτη, Δέσποτα! \end{document} Here what comes as result from XeLaTeX: LuaLaTeX is able to compile […]

Layout Problems due to Using the Libertine Font in Beamer

Using Linux Biolinum as the sans font in beamer leads to layout problems for several themes. This seems to be related to a bug in the font, since it does not provide the right x-value, see here. I am just wondering if there exists a work-around. I am using MikTeX and the latest libertine fonts. […]

Possible LuaLaTeX Problem (compilation seems to hang)

I asked a question earlier, where I had problems with my font specification, since I am using LuaLaTeX with Caslon. I am on Win 7 with TeXLive 2013 (up to date). The file compiles just fine with XeLaTeX. Here is my preamble and the compiler seems to hang at this point of the output: \documentclass[ […]

Changing numbers font features while changing shape

I am writing a document with the main font set up with old numbers, but I would like to have the “normal” style in the tables. This works but one particular table has some of the numbers in italic and somehow I cannot find a way of changing the font feature for these. It turns […]