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Modifying \autoref to behave (somewhat) like \vref

I would like to modify the \autoref command in the following way: if the \autoref command and the label are on the same page, it behaves like \autoref* (i.e., no hyperlink). Else, it behaves usually. Thanks, Vishnu

Insert A3 page with figure into A4 document with active references

Based on the first answer from a previous post “Insert foldable A3 pages in an A4 document with active references”, I tried to get a figure on an A3 page in my thesis. However, it does not turn out as it should: the picture does not get centered on the page. Otherwise it works. (see […]

Named destinations by hyperref broken for XeTeX 3.14159265-2.6-0.99992 (TeX Live 2015/dev/Debian)

We have this testcase which works fine with pdflatex \documentclass[en]{article} \usepackage[ pdfauthor={Silly testcase maker}, pdftitle=, pdfsubject=, ]{hyperref} \newcommand{\pdfLabel}[1]{\hyperdef{marker}{#1}{}} \begin{document} Hello folks \newpage haha this is funny \newpage lets do another page \newpage now we have a working testcase for real huh \newpage but rly this is the label \pdfLabel{hahalulz} that was the label \newpage but […]

Fragile error on robust command using relsize

I created a supposedly robust command through \DeclareRobustCommand{\plusplus}{\relsize{-3}{++}} that modifies some ++ sign, and I use it in the document. However, when I use the \relsize and the hyperref package with the tocdepth counter set, I obtain a cryptic error (at least for me) Runaway argument? {\@tempcnta >\z@ \relax \advance \@tempcnta \m@ne \@tempdimb ! TeX […]

Postscript commands in TeX using \special

It is possible to include a graphic image and place a hyperlink reference within it, directly in TeX? I’ve created a M(non)WE example below to try and demonstrate what I’m thinking. (This becomes a MWE if you remove the \special statement in the first \figure). Basically I want to include graphics and create hyperlinks between […]

Hyperlinks in section name

I am trying to use the memoir class to typeset a document in which the section headings function as hyperlinks to other locations in the document, using the hyperref package. One of the ways that \section and \hyperlink don’t really cooperate is that I can’t call \hyperlink within a \section (\section{\hyperlink{..}{…}} causes an error). To […]

Is it safe to use \texorpdfstring from package hyperref, outside the sectioning commands?

I have several commands with some math that I use inside and outside the sectioning commands (\section, etc.). Of course, package hyperref complains. I do not want to scan the sectioning commands to put \texorpdfstring inside them. I thought to change the definitions so my commands use \texorpdfstring. In this case \texorpdfstring will appear outside […]

Second optional input to \chapter to rename bookmark

I would like to include a second optional argument in \chapter‘s definition to be able to give the bookmark a name different from the one displayed on the toc. The reason for this is that on the toc sub- and superscripts can be typeset, whereas this is not possible in the bookmarks. This is my […]

Changing grouping for bookmarks of appendix

I have an appendix with multiple chapters, while I like it that the main chapters of the document appear on the highest hierarchy level in the bookmarks, I would like the appendix chaptes to be children of the appendix bookmark. It would be even better if i could prefix the chapter number I have this […]

Citation colour with Beamer + Hyperref + Natbib

I’m using natbib for citation with a custom bibstyle. I’m working on a presentation using LaTeX beamer and for some reason the citation marker doesn’t have the colour that is specified to hyperref. The citation marker is black instead of green. I’ll give you a MWE: \documentclass{beamer} \hypersetup{ colorlinks, citecolor=green, linkcolor=red } \usepackage{filecontents} \begin{filecontents}{mybib.bib} @ARTICLE{Bar2011, […]