Articles of horizontal alignment

Column alignment in tikzcd

I am not sure whether this is possible or not. I would like to have some control on the horizontal alignment of columns in tikzcd. In particular I would like to be able to mimic (on some of my diagrams) the right alignment – left alignment alternation. So, I would like that the first diagram […]

Line break in the table item

I am creating table in LaTeX and I need to get the text to perform line break automaticaly when it’s too long. And if possible, I’d like to get the text alignment to the left. Is it possible to handle this situation?

Center image in landscape mode

I’ve used the \usepackage{pdflscape} instruction and the following code for inserting an image in a landscape oriented page. \begin{landscape} \begin{figure}[p!] \centering \includegraphics[scale=0.4]{./images/SelectDVA.png} \caption{DVA selection Use Case.} \end{figure} \end{landscape} This is the outcome: I’d like the image to be centred vertically and horizontally, put playing with \vspace or \hspace didn’t help me. What is the correct […]

Alignment of tikz nodes in a chain

How can the north anchors of the nodes in a going to the right chain be aligned in a tikz picture? As can be demonstrated by the following example, by default they seem to be aligned by the center anchor. \documentclass[tikz]{standalone} \usetikzlibrary{shapes.multipart,chains,} \tikzset{ token/.style={ rectangle split, rectangle split parts=2, rectangle split part fill={cyan!25,yellow!50}, rectangle split […]

Left aligned section title

I use a LaTeX template which center aligns all section titles. I want to left align these section titles but I do not know how. I tried \begin{flushleft} \section{\textbf{Introduction and Background}} \end{flushleft} but it has no effect on the section title (i.e., it is still centered). I tried \begin{flushleft} \textbf{Introduction and Background} \end{flushleft} and it […]

side by side figures wider than margins

I’m trying to do exactly what’s explained here: Figure with two side-by-side subfigures that is wider than textwidth However, I’m working with a large document and already have many subfigures using \usepackage[hang]{subfigure}. If I change to the subcaption package, I would have to change all my other figures and that’s too much work. How do […]

KOMA-script titlepage misaligned author

I’d like to set the titlepage of a koma-script scrbook left-aligned, i.e. \raggedright. I do this using \addtokomafont as follows: \documentclass[]{scrbook} \addtokomafont{title}{\raggedright} \addtokomafont{author}{\raggedright} \addtokomafont{date}{\raggedright} \title{My title} \author{My name} \begin{document} \maketitle \end{document} However, what I get is an author name that seems to horizontally offset by about 0.2cm: Any suggestions why this is and how I […]

Push a block of lines to the right margin

The following code does what I need: \hbox to \textwidth{\hfill \vbox{ \hbox{some text} \hbox{some other text} } %vbox } %hbox The important things here are: Lines are not wrapped Lines are aligned by their left side The block as a whole is pushed to the right margin The width of the block is not specified […]

Centering a dirtree

I would like to center a directory tree produced by the package dirtree but the following code fails. Just look at the 2nd tree… All the texts are centered. 🙁 M(not)WE \documentclass{scrartcl} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage{dirtree} \begin{document} \dirtree{% .1 sudoku/. .2 \_\_init\_\ \ldots{} \begin{minipage}[t]{5cm} This directory holds executable files (binary files or link on binary files){.} \end{minipage}. […]

Switching from equation to align changes horizontal width

I am puzzled by why changing from an equation environment to an align environment should change the horizontal width of my equation. Below I provide an example. Sorry, it is not a minimal working example, since it is hard to replicate this issue. This is the PDF that I get by running the code, see […]