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beamer: How to align images in separate columns?

Here is a snippet of a beamer frame which is divided in three top-aligned columns. Each column contains: some top text an image some bottom text The problem is: because “some top text” in column #2 contains a “g” both the following image (which is the same in all 3 columns) and the “bottom text” […]

Resize all images in Latex to a percentage width

I am auto-generating multiple tex files using pandoc (one tex file for each of my chapters). Pandoc generates this tex code for each image. \begin{figure}[htbp] \centering \includegraphics{images/flock_of_birds.JPG} \caption{A flock of storks rush to fill orders during the Baby Boom.} \end{figure} How can I set the width of all images to a percentage value without directly […]

Image quality using PDFLaTeX

I’ve got some PNG images within my LaTeX document. The quality of the image files is sufficient and the result using LaTeX and viewing the resulting DVI file is quite what I expect – looks good. But I would need such quality of the images in my PDF files as well. But unfortunately when using […]

How do I include eps files using XeLaTeX?

According to everything I can find on Google, eps files in xelatex should work out-of-the-box. But that’s not what I’m seeing (using TeX Live 2010 on Arch Linux). Consider the following simple input: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{graphicx} \begin{document} Some text. \includegraphics{flower.eps} Some more text. \end{document} I put this into a .tex file and place it in the […]

Insert A3 page with figure into A4 document with active references

Based on the first answer from a previous post “Insert foldable A3 pages in an A4 document with active references”, I tried to get a figure on an A3 page in my thesis. However, it does not turn out as it should: the picture does not get centered on the page. Otherwise it works. (see […]

How to make some adjustments and centralize these graphs

These are the graphs I am trying to reproduce: This is what I’ve done: My problems are: How to make those arrows in each loops in the second graph. (If possible) How to decrease the letter’s size (P, dB and ids) in the firs graph. How to centralize what I’ve done in the same line. […]

Loop for includegraphics

I try to make multiple slides in beamer with 3 figures on each slide and the title. I would like to loop through the list/array of figures and set the frame title. The name of the figure files and the name of the frame should be different. Here is the attempt: \def\fnames{red, green, blue} \foreach […]

Postscript commands in TeX using \special

It is possible to include a graphic image and place a hyperlink reference within it, directly in TeX? I’ve created a M(non)WE example below to try and demonstrate what I’m thinking. (This becomes a MWE if you remove the \special statement in the first \figure). Basically I want to include graphics and create hyperlinks between […]

On Ubuntu 10.10 with texlive-full installed, xelatex is rotating my figures 90 degrees counterclockwise

I am using the latest ubuntu with the texlive-full package. When I do a simple \includegraphics like this: \begin{figure}[h] \centering \rotatebox{-90}{\includegraphics[width=8cm]{problem1}} \label{fig:prob1} \end{figure} if I don’t include the \rotatebox command, my figures are rotated 90 deg. counterclockwise. Additionally, I get this warning: ** WARNING ** << /Rotate 90 >> found. (Not supported yet) when rendering […]

Center image in landscape mode

I’ve used the \usepackage{pdflscape} instruction and the following code for inserting an image in a landscape oriented page. \begin{landscape} \begin{figure}[p!] \centering \includegraphics[scale=0.4]{./images/SelectDVA.png} \caption{DVA selection Use Case.} \end{figure} \end{landscape} This is the outcome: I’d like the image to be centred vertically and horizontally, put playing with \vspace or \hspace didn’t help me. What is the correct […]