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Modify ToC Backmatter Entry Distance

I created a simple document using memoir class as follows: \documentclass[12pt,a5paper]{memoir} \renewcommand\thepart{\arabic{part}} % modify ToC part \renewcommand{\cftpartaftersnum}{.} \renewcommand{\cftpartfont}{\normalsize\bfseries} \renewcommand{\cftpartpagefont}{\normalsize\bfseries} \setlength{\cftbeforepartskip}{16pt} \setlength{\cftpartnumwidth}{2.5em} % modify ToC chapter \renewcommand{\cftchapteraftersnum}{.} \renewcommand{\cftchapterfont}{\normalsize} \renewcommand{\cftchapterleader}{\cftdotfill{\cftdotsep}} \renewcommand{\cftchapterpagefont}{\normalsize} \setlength{\cftbeforechapterskip}{2pt} \setlength{\cftchapternumwidth}{2.5em} \begin{document} \frontmatter \tableofcontents \mainmatter \part{Part One} \chapter[Chapter Title]{Chapter Title} \chapter[Chapter Title]{Chapter Title} \chapter[Chapter Title]{Chapter Title} \part{Part Two} \chapter[Chapter Title]{Chapter Title} \chapter[Chapter Title]{Chapter Title} \chapter[Chapter […]

Is there a way to make the \not slash strike in the direction of this: \ and not this: /?

I would like to use \not, but let the slash strike backward \, not forward /. How can achieve this?

Change the color of cite number in bibliography

Does anyone know know how to change the color of the cite number in the bibliography? \documentclass{book} \usepackage[square, numbers, comma, sort&compress]{natbib} % Use the “Natbib” \begin{document} How can I change the cite count number to blue~\cite{ref1}? \label{References} \bibliographystyle{unsrtnat} % Use the “unsrtnat” BibTeX style for formatting \bibliography{Bibliography} \end{document} And here is the content of the […]

Changing the style of a single section

I’m trying to change the format of a single section in my document. The section is the introduction of my document, and therefore, I don’t want it to be numbered. I tried to define a new command \newcommand{\ssection}[1]{% \section[#1]{\centering\normalfont\scshape #1}} it works, however, I can’t suppress the numbering.

How do I get my subsection to not appear bold and with no period at the end?

This is what I have for my codes: \section{MAIN RESULTS} \subsection{Graphical Analysis} I am getting this in the pdf: Instead I want the subsection in Italic non-bold form with no period at the end. This is what I have in my preamble: \documentclass[11pt,reqno]{amsart} % Packages \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{amssymb,amsthm} \usepackage{natbib} \bibpunct{(}{)}{;}{;}{,}{,} \usepackage{xr-hyper} \usepackage[ colorlinks=true, citecolor=blue, urlcolor=blue, linkcolor=blue […]

Customization of the Copenhagen theme

I am preparing slides for my zeroth review (Project) using LaTeX. Now, I am very much appealed by this theme: . The theme’s link is given here: link. But, It is not available. I got the base theme Copenhagen but now I need to customize it to the colors and gradients applied in the theme. […]

Font style for page number for chapter in ToC

The page numbers in the ToC appear in different styles. For sections and subsections in normalsize and for the chapter in bold and slightly larger (I think). How can one change the fontsize/fonttype for the page number of a chapter entry in the ToC? document style: book live-tex LaTeX, from Ubuntu 11.4 pdfTeX 3.1415926-1.40.10-2.2 (TeX […]

Vertical space after minipage (EDIT : in an environment)

How to get proper vertical white space on linebreak after a minipage? I.e.: How to fix my \alphabet command below so that the green and red marked spaces (in the figure below) are equal? (Is that \baselineskip?) MWE \documentclass[12pt]{article} \begin{document} \newcommand\alphabet { \noindent \begin{minipage}{5.5cm} \noindent abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz \end{minipage} } \alphabet \alphabet \alphabet \alphabet \alphabet […]

Changing the font for a custom environment

I can’t figure out how to embed a command like \textbf or something in a newly created environment, I have: \newenvironment{definition} {\begin{quote}} {\end{quote}} I want to customize my definition environment with some additional commands, but if I try something simple like: \newenvironment{definition} {\textbf{\begin{quote}} {\end{quote}}} pdflatex refuses to compile a PDF. Where am I wrong? Is […]

Adding an underline to the word “Abstract” in \abstract?

To meet the requirements of the university, I need to be able to underline the word Abstract in my dissertation? Can anyone provide me with some guidance on how best to do this using the apa6 class? Thanks in advance for your help.