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Figure with a different box around

I’m trying to make a box around my figure like the ones in Benjamin Pierce “Types and Programming Languages” book and Luca Cardelli paper “Types Systems”. Such boxes have horizontal rules and only small vertical lines on the corners. I can’t really get the hack, does anyone have any idea on how to do this?

Align figures in beamer

I would like to include three figures in a beamer slide. I should have one figure on the top and two at the bottom. I tried to do that with minipage but it does not show the desired result. I guess I am messing up with the dimension of the figures. My MWE is: \documentclass[xcolor=pdftex,t,11pt]{beamer} […]

Override positioning of all figures

I’m designing all the figures for a book and I wanted to be able to change the positioning [hbtp] of all of them with one macro/command. A solution in which I could override the existing positioning options would be even better. Is that possible?

LaTeX figures in two column

Is there a convenient way to place a figure* at the end of the current page instead of taking up the entire next page in the twocolumn environment? Placement modifiers [Hb] do not work.

How to float box of text on the right side without leaving a gap throughout the rest of the document?

Problem I am trying to create a document where a box of text will float on the right side. The rest of the text within the document should flow around the box. My searches have lead me to wrapfigure, but it doesn’t seem to work the way I expected. In my first example below I […]

place floating tables and figures in order of appearance

In my document I number tables and figures with the same counter, using the answer to I’d like them to appear in numerical order. That usually happens, but in one case I see Figure 1.2 after Table 1.3 – probably because the Table is smaller and happens to fit on the current page. I […]

global relabeling of all figures

Can I global change all figures and references to figures up one starting from figure 10? So figure 10 and all references to 10 become 11 and so on? I should probably add that I have about 30 figures and added a figure right above figure 9 displacing my current count. That is why I […]

Advantage of Floating Figures

When should I use a Float for my figures, vs when should I just have them inline? What in particular does floating them get me? I am assuming it is something to do with ensuring a balance of figures vs text on a page? Eg avoiding 1 line of text with a figure that might […]

Why does this forest tree in wrapfig go out of the textwidth area?

I have a simple tree drawn with the forest package. When putting it in a wrapfigure environment, it goes out of the margin. I have an MWE and corresponding result, where you can see part of the tree going out of the textwidth area. How can this be fixed? \documentclass{article} \usepackage{forest} \usepackage{wrapfig} \usepackage{blindtext} \begin{document} \begin{wrapfigure}{r}{0.25\textwidth} […]

Make LaTeX prefer bottom to top for float placement

As explained in this comprehensive answer on floats, the order of the [htb] parameters does not matter and if you allow all of them, LaTeX tries first to place them in the ‘here’ position, then top, then bottom. I would like to change this order to here, bottom, top. Now, of course I could ban […]