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Inline bibliography avoiding the list format?

I’d like the output of BibTeX or BibLaTeX to be a inline bibliography (with entries separated e.g. just with bullets, see example below) avoiding the common list-based format. This is needed for posters. Usually I just copy-paste and then adapt the whole bibliography, but that’s painstaking and error-prone. Any ideas? Here’s some MWE: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[ […]

How to remove comma and “and” before institutional last author after compiling BibTeX

I have the following BibTeX entry: @article{pubmed18800157, author = {Heng, T.S. and Painter, M.W. and Immunological Genome Project Consortium}, title = {The {I}mmunological {G}enome {P}roject: networks of gene expression in immune cells.}, journal = {Nat. Immunol.}, pages = {1091-1094}, volume = {9}, number ={10}, year = {2008}, }, %\bibliographystyle{unsrt} When the bibliography is generated, it […]

Using BibTeX and pdfLaTeX: why are three LaTeX runs needed?

I am able to use BibTeX and pdfLaTeX if I compile with pdfLaTeX THREE TIMES. This seemed absurd, but appears to be confirmed by this previous question. That is: Compile with pdflatex to generate .aux file that BibTeX needs- references will show as ‘?’ for now Run BibTeX with .aux file as argument Compile with […]

Change separator of multiple authors in references using BibTeX

I am working on my master thesis and I have problem with citing multiple authors. The separator in pdf is “and”, but this is not correct in my language. Is there a simple solution to change this separator? Thanks for every answer here is MWE: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[numbers]{natbib} \begin{document} blba bla bla bla bla bla bla […]

Source with range of years

Some of my references are annual publications of which I’m using multiple editions. I cannot figure out, however, how to cite them with only 1 reference entry. In the text it should look something like this: (IEA 1996-2012) And in the References: IEA 1996-2012. Energy Balances of non-OECD Countries, Paris. BibTex does not seem to […]

alphabetical ordering of authors within a single citation

I’m struggling to get an output for my bibliography the way I want it. I’m currently using \bibliographystyle{unsrt} however if a single citation has a list of author it places those names in alphabetical order. So this is an example, my code is this @ARTICLE{oscillation, author = {S. Goswami ,\textit{et al.}}, title = {“{Global Analysis […]

Bibliography style of LNCS – how to get it works?

I’m discovering the Lecture Note in Computer Science (LNCS) LATEX template, and I’m in trouble with their bibliography system. When reading their documentation and example, it appears that I only have to : 1) Create a thebibliography bloc and put in references using bibitem 2) Cite the references in the content of the document. So […]

Really short citations with bibtex?

I’m working on a document with an 8 page limit and by no means it’s gonna fit a whole list of citations, and I’m looking for a way to have really short citations inline (i.e. no reference list afterwards). Something like … this has been studied in (Smith et. al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 123456 […]

Interpret TeX commands and remove curly braces from \href{} content

Context: In order to create DOI links I define a command\doi{<enter doi here>} as \newcommand{\doi}[1]{\href{}{doi:#1}} Problem: However this breaks with stupid input™ like 10.1007/1-84628-249-7{\textunderscore }13. Because it seems to interpret the underscore, but doesn’t remove the curly braces:{_}13 How would one define a command \hrefcleanbefore{{\textunderscore }13}{text} to replace the {\textunderscore } with a real […]

Displaying the title of a BibTeX entry when using the APA document class

When referring to a book, I can use \citeA[p.~10]{AuthorYear} to display the authors name and other citation information. Is there a convenient way to have the in-text citation display the title of a book? E.g. \citetitle{AuthorYear} will display The Book Title.