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Beamer, notes, and bibliography

I would like to create notes for a set of slides, but I have problem with my long bibliography. Here is a MWE: \documentclass{beamer} \setbeameroption{show only notes} \usepackage[backend=biber,style=authoryear-comp]{biblatex} \addbibresource{beamer.bib} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usetheme{Warsaw} \makeatletter \def\beamer@framenotesbegin{% at beginning of slide \gdef\beamer@noteitems{}% \gdef\beamer@notes{{}}% used to be totally empty. } \makeatother \begin{document} \begin{frame}[allowframebreaks] FOO \\[10cm] BAR \end{frame} \appendix \begin{frame} \cite{Stack1,Stack2,Stack3,Stack4,Stack5}. […]

Best practice: define BibLateX/BibTeX entry with title in native language and in English

I am preparing a paper. Some of the documents are written in Portuguese. My supervised suggested me to include in the bibliography the title translated to English and the title in Portuguese as well, and mention at the end the native language of the document. Is there a good way to do this, using biblatex […]

remove comma between address/publisher and year and after parentheses

I need citations (mostly) as footnotes in the following form: Book first appearance: F. Author ­– T.S. Author, The Longtitle and not the Shorttitle, Address 1965, 4. Second appearance: F. Author ­– T.S. Author, Shorttitle (cf. nt. 1) 5. Article in journal first appearance: A. Author, “Title of the Article”, Journal Title 65 (1968) 113­-126. […]

Suppress month and day for journal articles and maintain for a newspaper articles

I haven’t found a solution yet for this problem. I want to suppress month and day (if present) from all journal articles in bibliography but I at the same time I want to indicate year, month and day for newspaper or magazine article. This is complicated by the fact that journal and newspaper articles are […]

Non-italic \emph, italic biblatex titles

The internal Biblatex \mkbibemph macro defaults to being an alias for \emph (see section 4.10.4 Auxiliary Commands and Hooks in its documentation). It is used with \DeclareFieldFormat to typeset certain fields, especially title, in many bibliography styles. I redefined \em and thereby \emph, however, because I cannot use italics for emphasis in text. Italics are […]

Biblatex, uniquename, \ifnamesequal{editor}{author}

As soon as one uses biblatex with biber as backend and uniquename=true enabled, the test \ifnamesequal{editor}{author} inside the bbx-file (here: authortitle-dw.bbx) won’t expand to true even if the fields {editor} and {author} are identical in the bib-file. This is because uniquename adds a value to the namelist labelname (= author) so that \ifnamesequal{editor}{author} expands to […]

How to format the references heading when using multiple bibliographies

I have what I hope is a simple question. I finally figured out how to get the multiple bibliographies to work (mostly) like I want it. The one additional formatting thing I would like is to make the “References” heading centered upon the page. What I am getting now is the heading “References” flush left. […]

Missing space in biblatex-chicago bibliographies for articles without number entries

I’m searching for a fix for a problem with biblatex-chicago’s authordate-styled bibliographies. They omit the space between the volume and pages fields if article entries lack a number (issue) field. Find a MWE and printout below. Thanks a lot. \documentclass[american]{article} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage{babel,csquotes} \usepackage[backend=biber,authordate]{biblatex-chicago} \usepackage{filecontents} \begin{filecontents}{\jobname.bib} @ARTICLE{adams1887, author = {Adams, Henry Carter}, title = {Relation of […]

biblatex: Two .bib files with separate behavior in same document

I am having some trouble using biblatex with two bibliographies. I am using the following option: \usepackage[firstinits=true, isbn=false, url=false, doi=false, style=ieee, defernumbers=true, sorting=ydnt, bibstyle=ieee, maxnames=5]{biblatex} \nocite{*} \addbibresource{bib1.bib} \addbibresource{bib2.bib} One bibliography I would like to insert in the middle of a document, with special sub-bibliography headings and special numberings. I have actually figured out how to […]

Biblatex/biber non-consecutive numbering references by type when using multiple bibliographies

I’m trying to have two bibliographies in one document. The first on is the normal references. And the later is intended to be a publication list and should be separated by type. I managed to split the bibliographies and include the references. However, the numbers of the second bibliography are in chronological order instead of […]