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Output from tree command in a listing

I’m trying to put the output of the tree command in a lstlisting using the following code \documentclass[10pt,a4paper,compress,svgnames]{beamer} \begin{document} \usepackage{listings} \begin[fragile]{frame} \begin{lstlisting} 5053 ├── 20141018105053_100_samples.bin ├── 20141018105053_101_samples.bin ├── 20141018105053_102_samples.bin ├── 20141018105053_105_samples.bin └── out ├── 20141018105053_100_samples.bin.pps ├── 20141018105053_101_samples.bin.pps ├── 20141018105053_102_samples.bin.pps ├── 20141018105053_105_samples.bin.pps └── TOA_train.npy \end{lstlisting} \end{frame} \end{document} but I’m getting this output How can I make […]

Background Picture

I am creating a presentation using the Beamer document class. I was wondering if it would be possible to have the same picture appear as a background of each slide. This is the image I am referring to. I want to be able to put the outline on the side strip if possible. Is there […]

Align figures in beamer

I would like to include three figures in a beamer slide. I should have one figure on the top and two at the bottom. I tried to do that with minipage but it does not show the desired result. I guess I am messing up with the dimension of the figures. My MWE is: \documentclass[xcolor=pdftex,t,11pt]{beamer} […]

Nested itemize environment affects vertical spacing of parent itemize environment

I have two itemize environments, one is nested in the other. Somehow the nested itemize environment affects the vertical spacing of the adjacent item of the parent itemize environment. As you can see in the example below, the vertical space between b and c is slightly smaller than between a and b. If I remove […]

Different colors for itemize in blocks and outside, in Beamer?

I would like to obtain what I describe in the following MWE, that is the itemize symbol should be black outside blocks; blue in normal blocks; red in alert blocks; green in example blocks. MWE: \documentclass{beamer} \begin{document} \begin{frame} \begin{itemize} \item Here in blue, I’d like it in black. \end{itemize} \begin{block}{A block} \begin{itemize} \item Here in […]

Frame around minipage containing listing in beamer

I am working on the sheets of a course on LaTeX and would like to have several sheets in which you see on the left an example of a source document and on the right its output. I have this working now with listings and minipage, but I also want a frame around the page […]

Customization of the Copenhagen theme

I am preparing slides for my zeroth review (Project) using LaTeX. Now, I am very much appealed by this theme: . The theme’s link is given here: link. But, It is not available. I got the base theme Copenhagen but now I need to customize it to the colors and gradients applied in the theme. […]

4 images on a frame appearing each a a time – fine tuning beamer

I have a figure which consists of 4 plots, Full figure here, and I want to have them appearing one by-one in the presentation (from left to right, top to bottom). I managed to do this by including each plot separately using a combination of \subfloat and \pause: \begin{frame} \frametitle{Cufflinks analysis – SRSF1} \begin{figure}[t] \centering […]

Beamer table drop shadow

I’m trying to design a good-looking table with Beamer. I’m following the tutorial here. In page 8 of that tutorial, the table is very nice, with alternating colored rows and a pleasant drop-shadow. Moreover, some vertical bars are black while others are grey: However, when I follow that same code, I get something like this: […]

How to draw a black arrow?

How to draw a black arrow , please ? I’ve tried using this $\Rightarrow$, but it wouldn’t work properly. Thanks a lot!